IVF Is A Blessing To Many

In vitro fertilizer is a system by means of which people with infertility issues can also give birth. It is one of the greatest thing’s science has gifted us.


It is a process in which the eggs from female ovary are extracted and reacted with the sperm of the male in labs. The process is called in vitro because it is conducted outside the human body. The embryo is then also transferred to the uterus. There is various other way to this   such as gamete intrafallopian transfer and zygote intrafallopian transfer.


There are a few basic steps to IVF, they are broken down into simpler ones to get a closer look into the work.

There are some fertility medicines that are prescribed to the patient by the doctor. These are given to stimulate the egg.

  • Blood tests are taken to check the hormone balance.
  • Eggs are than retrieved through a minor surgery.
  • Medication is given to remove physical pain and discomfort.
  • The male is asked to produce a sample of his sperm.
  • Then this sample is than mixed.

Insemination, is the process in which the sperm and egg is mixed and kept in the laboratory.

The embryos are then transferred into the female.


There are some side effects of the process that include:

  • Breast tenderness is a common side effect.
  • Mild bloating might be caused
  • Mild cramping also can occur
  • Constipation will also be common.
  • There are some very common symptoms that are
  • Vaginal bleeding would be a problem now and then.
  • Pelvic pain might occur.
  • Blood in urine might also be a cause.
  • She might have high fever up to 103degree centigrade


The medications may also have some side effects:

  The female under the treatment would have the urge to vomit.

She might faint also.

Shortened breathe must also be a side effect.

Severe stomach ache would occur coherently.

If the fertility process by the IVF treatment is successful the results are visible within four to 8 weeks. Until than the patient must constantly stay in touch with the preferred doctor in order to keep in balance and check of her health and keep updated get more information. Various ultrasounds and blood tests are conducted.