How to Buy Tiles

Floor is like the first and main organ of the whole house. The whole furniture, appliances, rugs and carpets, us and the dogs (pets) use it. It is used by our pals for crashing at the night of party and floors have seen unspeakable things. If you have a small home and you want it to look pretty then we suggest that you get tiles. There is a whole variety of tiles in the market and the most famous ones are garden tiles in Dubai.

There are some expensive tiles and there are some cheap tiles, it all depends on how much are you willing to spend on it. There are different materials of tiles as well. if you are out shopping for tiles and you don’t know much then try here and read about our guide for buying tiles.

Where the Tile is Needed to be Placed: although, you can cover the whole house with a single type of tile but there are some specific tiles that are used for specific type of room. For instance, you will use hard and most durable tiles if you have a squash arena at your home and if you need tiles in the laundry room, then you don’t need expensive tiles at all. So, when you are out for shopping tiles, make sure to make a list of rooms and areas you want tile.

Measure the Rooms: if you are not good with math and number, then call a pro for that because a slight change in numbers can either cost you a fortune or you could be facing huge loss. And a waste of time because you will be measuring it again and again. Make sure to note down precise measurements.

Pattern and Color: there are thousands of colors to choose from. But remember, that the most eye-catching colors will have a huge price tag. So, it completely depends on how much you want to spend.

Grading: there are five grading of tiles:

Grade 1: no foot traffic and such tiles are used on walls.

Grade 2: light traffic: these are mostly used in bathrooms.

Grade 3: moderate traffic: these are usually used for countertops.

Grade 4: heavy traffic: these are used in drawing rooms or commercial spaces.

Grade 5: extra heavy traffic: these are used for commercial spaces.