Why you should choose free zone over mainland for your company in UAE

If you are thinking to start your business in Dubai then you must choose UAE free zone instead of mainland. By this way, you can get quick and easy visa. You will just have to do struggle to find free zone in UAE and then you can start your company easily in UAE. You can enjoy strategic location with great road and air links while saving the labor costs. Here we have added few reasons that why you should prefer free zone over business setup in Dubai mainland.

Fast incorporation and easy set up:

There are a lot of requirements to start your company in UAE mainland like national agent partner and identify the real estate facilities by yourself.  You will also have to get approval for different departments of your company. But the process of UAE free zone company is quite easy and you can easily start your company there. Some free zones also allow potential founders to incorporate their ventures remotely. But if you want to establish a visa eligible company then physical attendance is mandatory.

Easy visa acquisition:

Most of the free zones don’t have requirement for office space and these free zones offer two visas per license. There is no obligation to apply for visa thus it gives low-budget ventures quicker and more affordable option for set up.

No need for multiple approvals for license:

For business set up in UAE, you will need license, it can be commercial, tourism, industrial or professional license according to your business type. There is long procedure to get license for company in mainland. But setting up your company in free zone will give you advantage that you can easily get your license. The UAE free zones are governed by their own free zone authorities which are responsible for licensing and approval. It removes the need to apply for additional licenses and approvals from Federal state and specific mainland authorities of UAE.

More affordable set up:

There are different set up combinations available for entrepreneurs which make it affordable choice. You can also get wide choice between commercial, consultancy, freelance or service license.

Quick free zone set up:

If you are looking for quick business set up that is aligned to your business then you must go for free zone company set up. The free zones offer flexibility for growth and these also allow to retain 100% ownership.  Click for info here.